LifeWave Biomedical Team

Glen McLaughlin

Glen McLaughlin, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Glen has over 30 years of medical device product development, innovation and leadership experience. Glen is a renown ultrasound imaging technologist and a principal inventor of software-based zone sonography technology.

Glen presently serves as CEO of YorLabs, where he is leading the development of a new standard setting solution in intracardiac image guided therapy.

Prior to YorLabs, he served as President of Innovation & Development, VP Global Partnerships, and Chief Product Officer of Mindray Medical International, the largest medical device company in China. He previously served as Zonare’s Vice President of Engineering for over 12 years, having led all technology and product development. Zonare was acquired by Mindray in 2013. At Zonare, he established and managed a world class engineering team to cover all aspects of engineering development, including electrical, mechanical, software, regulatory, transducers, and imaging physics. At Mindray/Zonare, Glen has brought over a dozen products to market generating over $200M of revenue. He holds 70 issued patents with over 30 additional pending in the medical device field.

He has established research collaborations with leading academic centers both in the US and abroad. At InCube Labs, he was instrumental to the growth of a number of medical device companies, such as Fe3 Medical, Corhythm, Neurolink, and Python Medical. Glen also serves as a visiting professor at the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology and is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Glen holds a BSEE from Carnegie Mellon University, a MSEE and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University where his doctoral research focused on a biosensor design.