Remote Guided-Care Solutions for Improving Heart Failure Outcomes

Cause of Hospitalization for Those ≥ 65 years
Heart Failure Hospitalizations Due to High Lung Fluid 1
U.S. Heart Failure Hospitalization in 2018 2
Accurate Biomarker

Our differentiation is in capturing an accurate (absolute and direct) biomarker of worsening heart failure with a low cost, simple-to-use, non-invasive device. This approach is highly scalable across diverse healthcare settings and patient populations.

GDMT Optimization

The lung fluid biomarker directly supports Guideline Directed Medical Therapy (GDMT) optimization and easily integrates into existing clinician workflows.

System of Care

Lifewave’s CardioConnect™ system-of-care engages and empowers patients and their clinicians to proactively manage acute and chronic heart failure in home and remote settings.

Clinician Burnout

Our AI-powered platform automates and distributes clinician workflows to optimize time and addresses clinician burnout.

Value-Based Care

The LifeWave heart failure solution will be evidence-based and supportive of value-based care through current economic frameworks and our SaaS business model.

LifeWave CardioConnect Illustration
mobile device

Investigational Device. Limited United States Law to Investigational Use.


CardioConnect™ Platform Solution

Medical Radar Technology

LifeWave has developed a broad base of intellectual property (Seven issued USPTO patents, with Four USPTO patents pending) and expertise in medical radar which uses low power Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio frequency (RF) energy for physiologic assessments. The technology is similar in concept to ultrasound but uses radio frequency instead of sound energy. The LifeWave UWB sensor emits very low energy (similar to Bluetooth energy levels) which propagate into the human body. As the energy enters the body, small amounts of the incident energy are reflected back to a sensing device. The reflections are primarily the result of the differences in dielectric properties of the underlying tissues and organs. The reflected energy is then received and processed using signal processing algorithms to extract information on the type, location, size, composition, and relative movement of the illuminated tissues and organs. The LifeWave technology meets Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations governing human RF exposure.

Leadership Team

Steve Stephansen
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Stampehl, MD FHFSA

Chief Medical Officer

Brett McClung, FACHE
Chief Commercial Officer

Glen McLaughlin, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

Paul Tupin, Jr.


LifeWave has engaged clinical heart failure leaders to inform our product strategy and clinical outcome studies.


LifeWave is currently raising a Series B Financing.

Health System Relationships

LifeWave is collaborating with leading value-based care healthcare systems.