LifeWave Biomedical Team

Steve Stephansen

Steve Stephansen

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Stephansen is the CEO of LifeWave Biomedical. He holds 40 years of engineering, marketing, sales, and CEO experience in information technology businesses in both public and startup businesses. He is experienced in the global commercialization of both single-chip and multi-chip semiconductor system solutions for implanted cardiac devices, cellular phone products, consumer products and commercial high-speed computing. He also holds experience in the development and commercialization of B2B business connectivity infrastructure software.

Steve serves as an advisor to Silicon Catalyst, an incubator and accelerator for advanced semiconductor devices solutions serving a variety of markets. Silicon Catalyst has developed partnerships with over 80 companies to facilitate the development and commercialization of application-specific semiconductor designs.

He has previous CEO experience at two technology startups, at WebV2, Inc. and Agoura Technologies, Inc. At WebV2, he led a team developing networked intelligent agent-based software for B2B applications. The company was acquired by Siemens. At Agoura Technologies he led a team in developing a wire-grid polarizer technology for energy-saving LCD displays.

Previous to his CEO experience, he held the position of VP of Marketing & Sales at Information Storage Devices, a developer of single-chip voice recording and playback solutions, where he grew annual sales from $0 to $55M sales in four years, leading to successful initial and secondary public offerings.

Earlier in his career he served in increasingly responsible positions at Advanced Micro Devices, initially in engineering, marketing, field sales, and finally as V.P. of strategic marketing for the Flash Memory Division. He served as the marketing manager for the Am2900 bit slice family of products, at the time the industry standard processors for high performance mini computers and peripheral controllers.

He holds an MSM from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and MBA from Santa Clara University, an MSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a BSEE from Lehigh University. While at Stanford, he attended the Stanford Biodesign Program, in medical device development